Meet the Doctor

Dr. Victor Estevez and his wife Yami.

Dr. Victor Estevez and his wife Yami.

A licensed chiropractor since 2000, Dr. Estevez has been helping patients achieve pain free lives since 2003.  As an experienced chiropractor, he is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle free of drugs.

Chiropractic is a field of medicine where the spine is manipulated so that optimal health may be achieved via the body’s own healing mechanisms.  Through manipulation of the spine, nerves are freed from impingement and the body is aligned so that muscles may relax and the vertebrae and discs may flow freely.

The nervous system begins to communicate properly after chiropractic care and healing can begin. Maybe you are tired of taking over the counter pain medications on a regular basis.  Perhaps you were in an automobile accident.  Are your allergies bothering you or does your pregnancy have you nearly immobile?  People turn to chiropractic treatment every day because of their lack of relief found through treatments ordered by their MD.  Your  pain is a signal from your nervous system telling you that something is wrong.  

Dr. Estevez received his degree as Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Georgia.  He holds a Bachelor in Nutrition degree and received training as a Radiologic Technologist.  He is associated with the International Chiropractic Association, the Southern Chiropractic Association and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Pinecrest Chiropractic serves the South Florida area including South Miami, Palmetto Bay, Kendall and Cutler Bay and is conveniently located conveniently located on US 1 and SW 124 St.  In Dr. Estevez’s Pinecrest office you can receive relief from back pain, neck pain, pregnancy pain, vertigo, headaches, stomach pains and sleeping problems.

Dr. Estevez provides thorough exams and treatment in a comfortable, friendly environment.  Careful attention is paid to each individual to develop a personalized treatment plan.  Your free consultation will consist of a physical exam as well as scans.  Your results will be discussed from the Report of Finding in a follow up appointment that can take up to an hour.  Here, you will be educated on what is going on with your spine and your treatment plan will be reviewed.

Our office is designed to accommodate those who need to bring their family along.  We have a special area just for kids!  Drop-ins are welcome.  Our hours can accommodate those needing to come in before or after work.  We are open Monday through Friday and have emergency appointments available for after hours.
Schedule an appointment or drop in today to begin your journey toward optimal health with Pinecrest Chiropractic!