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Did you recently hurt your back?  Have you been struggling with lower, mid, or upper back pain?  Back pain can stop you from living the life you want to live!  The Miami Back Pain Specialist, Dr. Victor Estevez at Pinecrest Chiropractic has the solution for your back pain.  Back pain can be caused for various reasons.  Life happens, and whatever the reason, almost everyone will experience back pain of some sort.  Depending on the pain level and your tolerance of that pain you’ll probably want a solution soon.
At Pinecrest Chiropractic Dr Victor Estevez, The Miami Back Pain Specialist, understands and wants to help you get to a place of healing as soon as possible so that you can live the life you want!

The BEST step you can take right now is to call and make an appointment and come in for a consultation with the Doctor.

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Until you come in for your visit, what can you do to alleviate the back pain or at the very least keep from hurting your back more?

Here are 3 simple ways to relieve your aching back and prevent back strain altogether.

1.  Rest your back
Think for a moment…what activity could you accomplish without the use of your back?  Of course there are very few activities you can do without the use of your back.  So when suffering from back pain it’s very important to limit your activities to those that put less strain on your back.  Resting your back will greatly increase your chances of healing. In fact, most back pain and the majority of back injuries are probably related to muscle pulls and strains. So don’t overdue it, take a break, rest.  The best position for your back is really up to you and wherever you can find comfort.  Depending on the type of injury or strain you may find that sitting or lying down is the best position.  If you lay down a few pillows under your knees will certainly relieve the pressure on your back too.

2.  Ice your back
When you strain or injure your back the body’s natural reaction is for blood to rush to that area.  Swelling begins, which is very normal and part of the body’s healing process but too much swelling can increase the pain and make recovery more challenging.
The goal is to apply ice as soon as possible after the injury or strain on your affected area.  Be sure to ice the back for 48 hours unless otherwise consulted by a doctor.  Heat from a heating pad or hot shower may give you temporary relief, but warmth will increase blood flow and increase the inflammation which will slow down the healing process and cause more pain eventually.  Be sure to only apply the ice in 12-15 minute increments and at least 1 time each hour.

3.  Create a plan for the future
Because back pain is something that everyone experiences it’s likely that one day in the future you will have back pain again even after the current episode is healed.  So, what can you do now to prepare for less back pain in the future?  Create a plan.  Learn stretching exercises like yoga to help strengthen your back muscles and stretch them regularly, keeping you from major back pain in the future.  Sometimes being overweight can cause chronic back pain issues.  If that’s the case for you then create a plan or seek help to get the weight off so that your back will be stronger and less likely to suffer from pain.

If you follow these steps you should be able to reduce some of your discomfort and reduce the swelling in your back.

Don’t hesitate to call The Miami Back Pain Specialist, Dr. Victor Estevez at Pinecrest Chiropractic and get your consultation today!



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"Dr. Estevez at Pinecrest Chiropractic has been super helpful with my chronic back pain.  I finally have relief and feel better in other ways that I didn't expect.  Their office is family friendly too and I love bringing my wife and kids. I HIGHLY recommend this Doctor!"                                                       -Jesse


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