I want to talk about the chiropractic adjustments and what it's like.  A lot of people have questions or may be scarred because not really sure if it's going to hurt or not. Nothing we do at Pinecrest Chiropractic hurts. We adjust everyone from newborn babies that we treat with our pinkies all the way to the elderly, who have very brittle bodies. Whatever is going on in the body, it's custom-tailored to every individual. That's what the chiropractic adjustment is about. We are here to help and make a difference in your life. We are not going to send you away in a worse condition than you came in. That's a misconception. People just don't get it, and really, we take care of, from the kid with the chronic earache to kids with asthma, I mean sports-related. All these kids now are in all these sports, more the type of maintenance they're going to need in order for them to continue. Neck pain, the back pain, name it. We got a whole bunch of things. Blood pressure issues. All these things are things that a chiropractic could very well help you get through and make a difference or change in your life, so please check us out.