Hi. I'm Dr. Victor Estevez here at Pinecrest Chiropractic, a local chiropractor here in Miami, Florida. We're going to talk about right now, back spasms. Are you dealing with some sort of as you're moving around and all of a sudden you get these muscle spasms in the back or lower back spasms in the area? These things could be annoying. You're like, "Where is this coming from? Why is this going on?" Think about whenever you've done something for a long period of time or jogged or something like that and you're running for a while and all of a sudden it builds up that lactic acid in the body and it starts causing you that cramp in the leg and stuff. Well, the same thing is going on in your mid back, upper back or wherever it's going on because what's happening is the nerves in that area are being compressed so it's constantly firing a signal to those muscles and it gets to the point where they get fatigued or tired. Just like if you've been jogging for a long period of time and all of a sudden it starts cramping up and giving you these spasms. Any movement or things like that will cause it to fire up and really cause that compression into the area and that annoying and very painful spasm. You don't even want to move sometimes from how hard it's hitting you. We can make a difference here at Pinecrest Chiropractic because we know exactly, we've experienced it, we've been there, we know what needs to be done. We've just got to find the root cause of the issue and stop, you know? We may rub ourselves some cream on there or some stuff or take a hot shower or whatever it is. Those are great things to take some of the edge off but at the end of the day it's not going to really correct the problem. We've got to get to the root of it and more than likely it's within the spinal segment that's being affected and affecting that nerve.

Here at Pinecrest Chiropractic we can make a difference. Let us help you make a change and get rid of those spasms. Check us out.